Custom Brokerage

There is a substantial emphasis on security, proper classification and valuation, worldwide trade agreements and global sourcing. This causes Customs compliance to play a vital role in the supply chain process. Through our many in house licensed brokers and support team who have decades of experience, and through our strategic partners, Palm provides Customs brokerage services throughout the world. With over 5,000 Partner over the world, we help ensure you of a compliant, expedited & cost efficient process of clearing your shipments.

PALM’s customers can rest assured that our Customs brokerage teams have the experience and continuous training needed for your company to properly comply with Customs regulations worldwide. With a global presence and thousands of team members throughout the world, we strives to provide top tiered performance with unprecedented operational excellence.

* Full Customs Clearance Services

* Processing Temporary Imports, Bonded Shipments, Carnets and Other Special Clearances

* Cross Border Clearance Services

* Processing via E-Cus VNACCS/ VCIS/ E-Manifest System

* Customs Bonds and Services

* Assistance with Duty and Tax

* Free Trade Agreement/ Certificate of Origin

* Ability to Meet and Clear Hand Carry Shipments at Airport

* Special delivery services including after hours & residential delivery

* Qualified import agents trained on Customs compliance

* Product research for proper HTS code using web tools such as manufacturer’s website and Customs ruling

* Customized customer profile that are kept confidential and are used for reference in processing Customs entries

* Customs entry submission for paperless and duty payment